Delivery Time

1. Lead/Production Time

  • Delivery time

We normally dispatch goods in 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order/Payments confirmation. Delivery time depends upon shipping method i.e. courier, air or sea. Actual dispatch date can also be different depends on the size of order, so please get confirmation after placing the order. You can also enquire the possible shipping date for your order by sending email to

  • Sale, Factory Over Stock, Quick Ship Item listed are in our stock, we can ship in short period of time.
  • Warmly Note

Leather Cords, Finish Jewelries Items, Metal Copper Beads, Those items production time 5 to 6 weeks.


2. Transit Time (Shipping Time)

It depends on the options chooses by you.

  • By Courier FedEx, DHL, UPS 4 to 6 days. (Door Delivery)
  • By Air , Emirates , Lufthansa,Air India,KLM, Jet Airways ETC. (Air Port Delivery) 4 to 6 days.
  • By Sea 40 to 60 Days.


3. How to pick up the goods by Air, Sea Freight INFO    

  • By Courier

You will get delivery of goods at your door, the above courier charges includes all taxes/Duties levied in U.S.A./Canada & Australia.    

  • Airline Freight

Shipping frieght are mentioned for major Airport of Europe, USA, Australia & New Zea Land. The above service will be up to airport to airport only, from airport you will have to obtain delivery of goods either by yourselves or by your custom agent, the transmit time would be 4 to 6 days from Indian air port to your airport)


This the cheapest, but used for heavy shipments as the transmit time by steamer is about 40 to 60 days. This service are available port to port, we will book shipment from our seaport to your nearest sea port.The transit time by ship is between 4-6 weeks.You can take delivery either by your self (delivery address is printed on bill of lading) or you can depute your local custom agents. We will provide you all the details after vessel sailed from here and send you original documents by courier separately by courier, which is necessary to clear goods from seaport.


4. What is the Shipping Cost?

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